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Electrine Ingenum

Ushering in Electric Mobility for everyone

Electrine Ingenum is founded to enable the complete evolution to electric mobility.
At a time when climate change and pollution are threatening our lives, we see electric mobility as the first powerful step to a completely renewable and carbon neutral future.

The EV Dream: Welcome

Plug & Play - Electric Drivetrain

A complete Electric Drivetrain solution to be provided to Vehicle manufacturers.
The drivetrain will come with a strong Warranty and Service support from our side.

The Electric Drivetrain (or Electric Engine) is a combination of motor, batteries, power electronic controller, system processor, cooling system and accessories which drives power to the wheels of the automobile.

The EV Dream: About

The Dream

To put it simply, we want to make make Electric Engines as a drop in, plug and play replacement for the conventional engines of a vehicle. Here electric engine means the combination of motor, battery, electronics and cooling system. We will also provide the warranty and service for the entire system, ensuring complete peace of mind for the vehicle manufacturer and user.

The idea was born out of multiple observations and discussions with electric vehicle startups where their brilliant ideas were constrained by the technology available to them. The easily available motor controllers and control circuits are not efficient through the entire range of operation and custom engineering services while offered by many companies were neither affordable nor did they come with any guarantees. This was an environment where each organisation had to develop the same thing over and over again.

The EV Dream: Store Policies

Best value for money solution

Bringing simple solutions to complicated problems.
Leveraging designs and solutions proven in industrial scenarios for the automotive domain.






Vehicle Owners

Drop in replacement for conventional engines with minimal changes to existing structures.

Off the shelf solutions for EV drivetrain which comes with warranty and assured service support.

Conversion kits to convert your favorite automobile to electric. Convert to electric without sacrificing comfort.

The EV Dream: Products

The Value

For startups, Electrine Ingenum will provide standard off the shelf designs and Electric Engines to enable them to quickly develop their product and take it to market. All the time they can rely on our warranty and service support.

For established automakers who wish to create electric versions of their existing vehicles, we can provide customized solutions with which they can create an EV with minimal changes to their existing vehicles.

Further more the Electric Engine platform also enables us to help out automobile owners who wish to convert their existing vehicles to electric (except 2 wheelers). This can help enthusiasts convert their favorite automobiles to electric and enjoy clean mobility without sacrificing comfort.

The EV Dream: Store Policies

Our Expertise


Motor Control

Our strong experience in motors and drives from Industrial applications is the base for the motor control alogrithms for our Electric Vehicles.

We have developed Sensored & Sensorless BLDC motor control for small vehicles and are looking to develop Direct Torque control for Induction motors used in larger vehicles for this application. 


Our BMS will be specially designed to monitor each cell individually to get to know of problems before they arrive and fix them accordingly. Active and Passive balancing of cells is used to increase life of the cells. 

Finally our cells will be sourced from reputed manufacturers and tested in house before being used in the battery pack. We stand guarantee for the Battery pack for thousands of cycles.


Battery Chargers

Our compact and efficient AC-DC and DC-DC power converters will enable the battery to charge fast and efficiently while keeping degradation to a minimum.

The system will allow for on board and off board compact chargers and power supply modules.

The EV Dream: Products

The Mission

We believe that the fastest way to move to an Electric future is for all players to concentrate on their own strengths and compensate for each others weaknesses. We know that there are many individuals and organisations with a wealth of knowledge and experience on the mechanical side of the automobiles. Namely body, transmission, suspension and creature comforts. We intend to partner with them to bring reliable, cost effective, rugged and desirable Electric Vehicles to everyone.

Our mission is to bring Electric Mobility to everyone.

The EV Dream: Store Policies
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